Sediment Filters (1 Year) @ R700.00

Sediment filter, it eliminates impurity and pollutants with the size of over 5 micron in water,

Pre- Carbon (1 Year) @ R700.00

Pre Carbon Filter uses a coconut carbon filter that employs activated carbon absorption to absorb organic compounds and off odor, making water more natural.

Post Carbon (1 Year) @ R700.00

Post Carbon Filter, the last part of the water purifier enjoys the ability to eliminate off odor and coloring matters and to make the water colorless, flavorless and clean.

UF Membrane (2 Years) @ R800.00

Membrane Filter, 0.01-0.04 micron filter screens out the foreign substances in water. Only those mineral substances that are good remain.

Mineralizer (2 Years) @ R800.00

Mineralization filter introduces all vitamins and minerals back into the water. Better taste.

UV (2 Years) @ R800.00

Replace upon UV fault warning