Atmospheric Water Genereators

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Pure Water from Air

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Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

What are Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG’s)?

Atmospheric Water Generators extract humidity from the air and convert it into clean, healthy drinking water.

AWG’s offer the following benefits:

  1. Pure Water from Air
  2. Filters Micro-Organisms
  3. Superior Quality & Healthy
  4. Dehumidifies & Filters Air
  5. Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

With Africa suffering from droughts, failing water infrastructures, increasing municipal water prices, and plastic bottles littering the countryside, one viable alternative is to become self-sufficient with an Atmospheric Water Generator.

Air2Water Solutions provides freestanding water factory units for the home or office and large, industrial-sized water units using a modular design that can produce thousands of liters of water each day.

“Plus, they tick all the right boxes!”


  • Does not deplete diminishing ground water reserves
  • Will not be negatively impacted by climate change
  • Water becomes cost effective since logistics, waste management and transportation costs are removed making it cheaper than other sources of drinking water.
  • There are 12 Quadrillion litres of water in the atmosphere at any given time


  • Atmospheric moisture is used to create water making it a sustainable solution amidst a growing water crisis.
  • Water is made on-site removing the need to be transported thereby reducing its carbon footprint.
  • No waste products
  • Promoting chemical free / ozone friendly  technology


  • The water produced starts out cleaner as it comes from the vapor / humidity in the air that we breathe rather than dirty, contaminated ground water that needs to be purified.
  • The filtration system is extremely effective in killing bacteria and water born viruses. No chlorine, chemicals and toxins.
  • Higher quality water leads to higher hydration levels.

How Atmospheric Water Generators Work

Fresh air enters the machine through air filters

Filtered air is cooled down to its dew point

Condensation forms water and falls into the reservoir tank

Water is pumped through filters

Water undergoes reverse osmosis procedure

Water is pumped through mineralisers to top reservoir tank

Pure water is stored in top reservoir tank and UV treated